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The "Château du Chat doré" has been welcoming guests since July 14, 2009, after 9 months of building work.

This world unique project, a boarding house for cats, in which the walls are decorated with paintings and reliefs on the subject of Leonardo da Vinci, was made into reality by MAXIPIERRE; creating a medieval atmosphere. MAXIPIERRE is a company that practices the old techniques of plaster systems.  They specialise in moulding concrete and were an important partner in the creation of the exterior façade and the interior walls of the "Château du Chat doré".
Anything is possible with MAXIPIERRE, even the creation of a 3 tonne guest for the holiday club, congratulations to the artists! A huge THANK YOU for this masterpiece and for the friendship that the art of the plaster design created between us.

We entrusted the following companies with the construction:
- EST-CREATIVE Dannemarie Tel. +33 (0)3 89 08 44 57 planning office, plans, creation of the application for the building permit
- CMDP Illfurth for the funding
- BLEYER Constructions Burnhaupt-le-Bas Tel. +33 (0)3 89 48 98 30 Structural work and brick-work
- The company DATTLER Feldbach +33 (0)3 89 25 82 71 Carpentry, roof tiling work and plumbing
- The company ANGOT Diffusion Wintzenheim Tel. +33 (0)3 89 27 28 79 PVC and aluminium work
- The company YVAN RECK Spechbach-le-Haut Tel. +33 (0)3 89 25 41 04 Sanitary and heating installation
- The company MAXIPIERRE Vieux-Thann Tel. +33 (0)3 89 37 36 43 Decorative work on interior and exterior facades, construction of a 3 tonne rhinoceros.
- The company Hésingue Carrelage Tel. +33 (0)3 89 70 92 70 Tiling and paving
- The company Schmerber SA Mulhouse Tel. +33 (0)3 89 59 66 66 Sanitary and heating installation
- The company Hett SA Modenheim Tel. +33(0)3 89 46 36 41 Fencing and railing
- SILASUR.Peintures Hochstatt Tel. +33(0)3 89 61 04 04
- CUISINE MENTELE ILLZACH Tel. +33(0)3 89 61 81 60
- EGUIDA Tel. +33(0)3 89 32 12 55 Creation and search engine optimisation of the first version of our Internet page.

Thank you to all those who helped us.

On April 17, 2009 Michel Sordi, the deputy mayor of CERNAY, honoured us with a visit to the "Château du Chat Doré" to admire the hand crafted work of MAXIPIERRE.

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Daily TLC with affectionate care and a diet free of additives suited to each species



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